Vietnam Visa For Greek & Hungarian Nationals: Apply Now!


Greek and Hungarian citizens require a visa to enter Vietnam, obtainable via the embassy or an e-Visa online. The process involves application submission and the necessary fee payment.


Traveling to Vietnam presents a magnificent opportunity for tourists from Greece and Hungary to explore a country known for its vibrant culture, picturesque landscapes, and rich history. Navigating the visa requirements is a crucial step in planning your journey. Both Greek and Hungarian passport holders have the convenience of applying for a Vietnam visa through different channels, depending on their travel needs.


Whether you are visiting for business, tourism, or as part of a cultural exchange, securing your entry documentation is straightforward. With a streamlined e-Visa process available, your travel preparations can be both time-efficient and stress-free, ensuring a seamless experience as you ready yourself for the journey ahead to the captivating lands of Vietnam. VIETNAM VISA FOR GREEK CITIZENS


Vietnam Visa For Greek & Hungarian Nationals: Apply Now!


Simplify your travel process with a Vietnam visa for Greek and Hungarian citizens. Easy online applications are now available to ensure a seamless journey to Vietnam for travelers from Greece and Hungary.

Understanding The Application Process

Greek and Hungarian citizens seeking to travel to Vietnam must navigate through an application process to obtain a visa. Understanding the requirements and types of visas available is fundamental. Options include tourist, business, and transit visas, each tailored to different travel needs.

Necessary Documents For Visa Application

  • A valid passport with at least six months remaining from the entry date.
  • Passport-sized photographs.
  • Flight itinerary and, for some visa types, a hotel booking.
  • Visa application form, completely filled and signed.

Online Application Vs Embassy Application

Online Application Embassy Application
Conveniently done from home. Requires visiting the nearest embassy.
Typically faster processing times. Processing times can vary.
Ideal for tourist and business e-visas. Necessary for specific visa types not available online.

Visa Types And Duration

Greek and Hungarian citizens seeking to travel to Vietnam can opt for various visa types depending on their travel purpose. Tourist visa options generally come in the form of single-entry or multiple-entry visas. These allow visitors to experience the rich culture and scenic beauty of Vietnam for leisure and tourism.

Business visa categories are designed for those who are traveling for work, business meetings, or other professional activities. These visas often require additional documentation related to the business purpose of the visit.

The visa validity and extensions are crucial details that travelers need to be aware of. Tourist visas commonly have a validity of 30 days or 90 days, with possibilities for extension given that the proper procedures are followed and the application is made before the current visa expires. Business visas also come with varying validities, which can range from a few months to even a year, and might be extendable depending on the nature of the work and sponsorship from the inviting company in Vietnam.

Application Steps Explained

Greek and Hungarian citizens seeking to visit Vietnam must choose the appropriate visa type that corresponds to their travel needs. Various visa options exist, including tourist, business, or transit visas, each with specific eligibility criteria.

The online application process requires applicants to fill out a form with personal and travel information. Accuracy is paramount to avoid any delays or issues with visa approval.

Applicants must provide a set of required documents that typically includes a passport valid for at least six months, passport-sized photos, and any additional paperwork based on the visa category.

The visa fee varies depending on the type and duration of the visa and is subject to change. It is important to review the most current fee structure and payment options available on the official Vietnam visa portal or through accredited agencies.

Processing Times And Entry Requirements

Greek and Hungarian citizens seeking a Vietnamese visa can typically expect a standard processing time of 5 working days. For those needing faster service, expedite processing options are available, which can reduce the wait period significantly.

It’s important to understand the port of entry guidelines before travel, as they dictate the specific documentation and visa types permissible upon entering Vietnam. Travelers should be well-prepared to follow these regulations to ensure a smooth arrival. Additionally, the on-arrival visa procedures applicable for Greek and Hungarian citizens include a pertinent form to be completed and the requisite visa stamping fee, which must be paid in cash.

Service Type Processing Time Additional Information
Standard 5 working days Ensure compliance with port of entry guidelines
Expedited Varies based on service chosen
  • Prepare required documents in advance to expedite on-arrival visa procedures.
  • Remember that the visa stamping fee must be paid in cash upon arrival.
  • Validate entry and exit dates carefully to conform with the approved visa period.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

Ensuring accuracy on the visa application form is pivotal for Greek and Hungarian citizens applying for a Vietnam visa. A single mistake can lead to delays or even rejections of applications. Double-checking personal details against your passport and providing consistent information is crucial. VIETNAM VISA FOR HUNGARIAN CITIZENS

Submitting the appropriate documents is just as important. Applicants must not overlook the requirement for correct and complete paperwork. This could range from financial evidence to travel itineraries, depending on the precise type of visa being sought. Without these, the likelihood of a successful application decreases markedly.

It is also imperative to comprehend the terms related to visa validity. Confusion about entry dates, length of stay, and visa expiration can cause significant problems. Greek and Hungarian nationals should be fully aware of how long their visa allows them to stay in Vietnam, to avoid overstaying illegally.



Post-application And Arrival Guidance

Once your application for a Vietnamese visa is submitted, tracking the status is straightforward. A confirmation email, typically inclusive of a tracking number, is sent to applicants, which can be used on the official website to monitor the application’s progression. Upon receiving visa approval, it’s essential to print out the visa if it’s an e-Visa, or prepare for receiving a visa on arrival.

Greek and Hungarian nationals should ensure they have all necessary documentation for immigration clearance before departure. This includes a valid passport, visa approval letter, and any other required forms. Arriving with these documents will promote a smooth entry into Vietnam. Familiarize yourself with the customs regulations and have a clear plan for your stay, including your accommodation details, to streamline the immigration process even further.

  • Print out your e-Visa or secure necessary documents for visa on arrival after approval.
  • Carry a valid passport with at least 6 months validity and two blank pages.
  • Have your accommodation details and purpose of visit ready for questioning.
  • Be aware of the customs regulations to avoid delays or issues at the border.



Securing your Vietnam visa is straightforward for Greeks and Hungarians alike. Visit the embassy or apply online for convenience. Double-check the necessities and prepare to explore Vietnam’s rich culture. Start planning your journey with ease, knowing visa requirements are met.

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