Vietnam Visa for Georgian & German Citizens: Your Easy Guide


Georgian citizens require a visa to visit Vietnam, which they can obtain through an embassy or an e-Visa. German nationals can also enter Vietnam with a visa, available as an e-Visa, visa on arrival, or from an embassy.


Traveling to Vietnam offers a rich tapestry of cultural experiences, breathtaking landscapes, and culinary delights. Whether you’re a Georgian or German citizen planning to soak up the diverse heritage of Hanoi, cruise the emerald waters of Halong Bay, or explore the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City, a visa is essential.


The process for obtaining a Vietnam visa has been simplified with the introduction of e-Visas, making it more convenient for travelers. As of the latest guidelines, e-Visas allow a single entry for a stay of up to 30 days. Ensure all travel plans align with visa regulations for a smooth and memorable visit to Vietnam. VIETNAM VISA FOR GEORGIAN CITIZENS

Eligibility Criteria

Georgian and German citizens have unique criteria for obtaining a Vietnam visa. Certain exemptions exist, offering visa-free access to travelers with specific conditions. For eligible visitors, the duration of stay accorded aligns with the agreed international regulations between the countries. Notably, Georgian passport holders may enter Vietnam without a visa for visits of up to 15 days. Similarly, German nationals are granted a visa exemption for stays no longer than 15 days, under the visa-waiver program.

Nevertheless, those planning an extended visit, or who are traveling for purposes other than tourism, such as business or educational endeavors, should be aware of the necessity to secure the appropriate visa. Documentation requirements and processes may vary dependent on the trip’s intent and length, which merits thorough preparation prior to travel.

Types Of Vietnam Visas

Vietnamese Tourist Visas are granted to Georgian and German citizens looking to explore the beauty of Vietnam for a short period. Usually, these visas allow stays up to 30 days, but extensions can be sought while in the country. For both nationalities, an online application process makes obtaining the visa convenient prior to arrival.

Business Visas cater to individuals intending to engage in commercial activities in Vietnam. Of note, a sponsor or an invitation from a Vietnamese company is generally required. This visa variant often permits longer visits, reflecting the nature of business engagements.

Student Visas are designed for those undertaking studies. Securing admission to an educational institution in Vietnam is a prerequisite, and the visa is typically aligned with the duration of the course.

Lastly, Transit Visas suit Georgian and German nationals transiting through Vietnam. Though the stay is limited, often under five days, it is ideal for travelers with connecting flights to other destinations.

Application Procedures

For Georgian and German citizens seeking to Visit Vietnam, a visa is required. Initiating an online application is the most efficient method. Applicants must access the official Vietnam eVisa platform, complete the required fields in the form, and submit it together with a digital photo and passport copy.

The embassy application process is an alternative for those preferring traditional application methods or needing other types of visas not available online. This involves visiting the nearest Vietnamese consulate or embassy, with prior appointment scheduling possibly required. It’s crucial to confirm the specific embassy’s documentation demands before attending.

Documentation Description
Passport Valid for at least 6 months beyond the intended stay with two blank pages
Application Form Filled and signed with accurate personal and travel information
Photo Recent passport-sized photograph conforming to visa requirements
Supporting Documents Depending on visa type, including proof of accommodations, travel itinerary, and others as stipulated

Processing Time And Fees

The average processing duration for a Vietnam visa for citizens of Georgia and Germany typifies at about 3-5 business days for standard visa applications. Applicants should always allow extra time for any unforeseen delays or during peak travel seasons.

As for the breakdown of visa fees, they can vary based on the type of visa and the processing speed selected. A single-entry visa with standard processing typically incurs a fee of around 25 USD, whereas multiple-entry visas may cost upwards of 50 USD.

Type of Visa Standard Fee (USD) Urgent Processing (Additional Fee) Super Urgent Processing (Additional Fee)
Single-Entry 25 +10 +20
Multiple-Entry 50 +10 +20

Travelers in need of quicker visa processing can opt for fast-track options. Urgent visa processing typically shortens the waiting time to 1-2 business days, while super urgent processing can expedite the procedure to within 24 hours, subject to additional fees mentioned in the table above.

Tips For A Smooth Application

For Georgian and German citizens interested in visiting Vietnam, the ideal period to apply for a visa is well in advance of the planned travel date. It’s recommended to begin the application process at least one month ahead to account for any unforeseen delays or issues that may arise during the process. VIETNAM VISA FOR GERMAN CITIZENS

Common pitfalls during the visa application can include overlooking necessary documents, providing inaccurate information, or failing to meet the specific requirements outlined by the Vietnamese visa regulations. These errors can lead to delays or even visa denial, so it’s crucial to double-check all submissions for accuracy and completeness.

Seeking assistance from the Vietnamese visa support can be beneficial. They offer guidance on the latest requirements and the most efficient application procedures. Communication with the support staff can be carried out through email, phone, or the official website, where applicants may find additional resources to ensure their application is successful.





Navigating the visa process for Vietnam needn’t be daunting for Georgian and German travelers. With clear guidelines and accessible online applications, a journey to this captivating land is simpler than ever. Remember to check for the most up-to-date information, ensuring a hassle-free adventure.


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