Easy Online New Zealand Visa Process for Macanese and Maltese Citizens


Macanese citizens can travel to New Zealand without a visa, while Maltese citizens do not need a visa for short visits as well. Both citizens can visit New Zealand without a visa for short stays.

New Zealand welcomes travelers from Macau and Malta for short visits without requiring a visa. Macanese citizens and Maltese citizens can enjoy the natural beauty and cultural experiences that New Zealand has to offer without having to apply for a visa.

Whether it’s for vacation or business, the visa waiver program allows Macanese and Maltese citizens to travel to New Zealand hassle-free. This initiative aligns with New Zealand’s commitment to facilitating easier immigration processes for visitors from various countries, including Macau and Malta.

Visa Requirements

New Zealand Visa Requirements:

  1. For Macanese Citizens:
    • Macanese passport holders do not need to apply for a visa for New Zealand.
  2. For Maltese Citizens:
    • Maltese passport holders do not require a visa to visit New Zealand for a limited stay.
    • This waiver applies to transit, vacation, or business purposes.
    • The visitor visa fee for Maltese citizens is NZD $17.

Please note that these requirements are subject to change, and it is important to check with the Immigration New Zealand website for the most up-to-date information.

Visa Application Process

For Macanese and Maltese citizens traveling to New Zealand, the visa application process is streamlined and efficient. No embassy visits are needed, as the electronic visa waiver system allows for easy online applications. Enjoy your trip hassle-free with the straightforward visa process for a seamless travel experience.

Online ApplicationSubmission and Processing
Applying for a New Zealand visa online is convenient and efficient.The submission of necessary documents and information is a crucial step.
Fill out the online form accurately and submit all required documents.Once submitted, the processing of your visa application begins.

Eligible Countries

As a Macanese citizen, you may be eligible for a New Zealand visa, while Maltese citizens can also apply for a visa waiver. This enables both nationalities to visit New Zealand for transit, vacation, or business without obtaining a traditional visa from an embassy.

List of Eligible Countries:
New Zealand offers visa waivers for some countries.
Passport holders from Macau and Malta do not need visas.
Macanese citizens with Macau passports have visa exemption.
Maltese passport holders can visit New Zealand without a visa.
New Zealand aims to facilitate visa processes for all eligible citizens.

Specific Visa Information

Macanese and Maltese citizens can visit New Zealand without a visa under the visa waiver program, allowing for transit, vacation, or business trips without prior embassy visa applications. This simplifies and expedites the process, aligning with New Zealand’s immigration goals.

Specific Visa Information
New Zealand eVisa (NZeTA)
Visitor Visa for Business or Vacation
For Macanese citizens, a visa is not required when visiting New Zealand. They can travel to New Zealand for a limited stay without obtaining a visa. However, it’s important to check other entry requirements and the duration of stay permitted. Macanese passport holders who possess a Macau Special Administrative Region passport also enjoy visa waiver privileges when visiting New Zealand.
Maltese citizens do not require a visa when traveling to New Zealand for tourism or business purposes. They can enter New Zealand under the Visa Waiver program. However, it is essential to check the duration of stay and other entry requirements before planning a trip. The visa waiver program aims to facilitate easier and faster access to New Zealand for Maltese citizens, aligning with the country’s immigration goals.

Visa Fee And Duration

For Macanese citizens, a visa is not required to visit New Zealand, while Maltese citizens can visit New Zealand with a visa waiver visitor visa for NZD $17. NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR MALTESE CITIZENS.

Cost of VisaValidity Period
NZD $17 for Maltese citizensVisa waiver for visitors
No visa needed for Macanese citizensVisa exemption for specified duration

New Zealand offers a straightforward visa process for citizens of Malta and Macau. Maltese citizens have a visa waiver, eliminating the need to pay a visa fee. They can stay for the specified duration without a visa. On the other hand, Macanese citizens enjoy a visa exemption, allowing them to visit New Zealand without requiring a visa. The cost of the visa for Maltese citizens is NZD $17, while Macanese citizens do not need to pay any visa fees. Both nationalities have different validity periods, depending on the type of visa or waiver they receive.

Embassy Information

If you are a Macanese or Maltese citizen applying for a New Zealand visa, it is important to note that New Zealand has an embassy located in Malta. This embassy can provide assistance with the visa application process. For Maltese citizens, it is noteworthy that a visa is not required for visiting New Zealand. Additionally, the visa waiver fee for visitors to New Zealand is NZD $17. For Macanese citizens, it is advisable to check the specific visa requirements and eligibility criteria before planning the trip. The New Zealand visa application process aims to facilitate and expedite the visa issuance for Maltese citizens in line with the immigration goals of New Zealand. It is essential to stay updated with the latest information regarding visa requirements for both Macanese and Maltese citizens by referring to official sources and government websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Maltese Citizens Need A Visa For New Zealand?

Maltese citizens do not need a visa for New Zealand visits.

Which Countries Are Eligible For New Zealand Evisa?

Citizens of Macau, Malta, and various other countries are eligible for the New Zealand eVisa.

Do You Need Visa For Macau?

No, visa is not required for Macau.

Is Taiwan Visa Free For New Zealand?

Yes, Taiwan is visa-free for New Zealand passport holders for a limited stay. Make sure to check other entry requirements.


Obtaining a New Zealand visa for Macanese citizens and Maltese citizens is a straightforward process that allows for easy travel to this beautiful country. Whether you’re visiting for leisure or business, the visa waiver program and eVisa options make it convenient to explore all that New Zealand has to offer.

Be sure to check the specific requirements for your country of citizenship and plan your trip accordingly. Enjoy your time in New Zealand!

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