Best vastu consultant in Kolkata insists that potty training pets is crucial for this reason


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Best vastu consultant in Kolkata

It is said that a dog is a man’s best friend and those who share a close bond with them definitely agrees upon it. Best vastu consultant in Kolkataalso evaluates the properties with pet dogs every now and then. There are many people who would love to keep dogs but are reluctant to do so because of health concerns.

Some people also come forward to vastuvid with concerns whether it is okay to keep dogs in home or not from vastu perspective. Today, we Best vastu consultant in Kolkata will

The problem with keeping pets in home as per vastu shastra!

Having close bond with animals is as old as human civilization itself. From early time itself people have domesticated cows and horses for their utilities. With time the uses of these animals have reduced, especially in the city lives and instead we can see other pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and fishes mostly.

Keeping pets in home is a great option for many reasons. It boosts our mental and emotional well-being. It keeps us occupied with their endless endeavors and who does not love it? Especially dogs and cats are becoming close companions of humans in this ever busy and stressed life. But you should do this with proper care.

Keeping a soul for the sole purpose of entertainment is a bad idea if you are not up for their maintenance and care. While doing so, you should also bear the importance of your home vastu needs, reminds Best vastu consultant in Kolkata.

Keeping animals at home, especially dogs and cats comes as a vastu threat if proper care if not taken care of. Just like us, every living creature passes urine and stools. We have made toilets for our convenience, while we let these animals do their business on the floor or in balcony itself.

This practice is very harmful from vastu perspective. You see, every kind of stool and urine causes bad smell and eventually cause some vastu side effects. This is why toilets must be placed in the right spots in the home as suggested by Best vastu consultant in Kolkata. failure to do so can cause severe problems. Letting the pets dump their bodily waste randomly can cause similar problem in long run.

The importance of potty training them properly!

Even though the problem of keeping pets in home seems very significant and it is, thankfully, there is a solution available for it. You don’t have to bid goodbye to your pets because they pisses vastu problem for you. You need to properly train your dogs and cats from the early age itself.

There are 3 ways of doing so for best result-

  1. Using toilets itself- just like we use toilets for passing tools and urine, you should have your pets use the Indian or western toilet to do the same. This might look very tricky, but with right trainer and implementation, this is doable very easily. Afterwards clean their body accordingly. 
  2. Doing the business outside- this is most ideal for those properties that are independent houses with lots of space outside their premises. You need to have your pet pass stools especially outside the main parameter of the house. This way, the pet can do their business without bothering the vastu of the home at all.
  3. Discarding the poop immediately- suppose doing the previous one is not possible then you should do this method instead as suggested by Best vastu consultant in Kolkata. As soon as you pet poops in a designated place within the home, you need to remove it and discard it either in the toilet system or outside the vastu premises. This way, as soon as the negative energy is getting accumulated in our vastu, you are discarding it.

In addition to these tips, you should also keep one thing in mind- to bathe them regularly. Many people tend to overlook this simple factor. Because of it, bad smell starts to come from them that ruins the vastu of the home. There is no alternative of bad smell and hence it should be avoided at all cost.

Those who have pet birds should regularly clean the poops of the birds as well. in addition, cleaning their cages is crucial because it also accumulates a lot of negative energy over a period of time.

Keeping fishes in aquarium is also good and permitted in vastu without much need of maintenance given the fact that these marine creatures don’t generate any significant poops at the first place. However, Best vastu consultant in Kolkata recommends keeping them in the right zones. Since these are units of water element, you should keep them in the northern zones of the vastu for perfect balance of Panchatatva.

An easy alternative that is good for all!

In case you are an animal lover and are still in consideration phase of getting pets for your home, we offer another amazing solution that is best of the rest. We see plenty of dogs and cats in the streets of India. Instead of buying a breeder dog or cat, you can adopt these.

Since these are strays, you don’t even need to bring them inside home. You can offer them food and love on their territory itself. Providing occasional shelter under your garage or home shed during rain and intense sun is enough for them as well. Feeding local birds like sparrows, pigeons and crows is a great alternative to caged birds as well. 

This way, they can carry out their usual business without needing any intervention from your end. In addition, you can safeguard your home from the negative effects of their poops while caring for helpless creators who are in dire need of it.  

If you want Best vastu consultant in Kolkata to visit and evaluate your property then you should contact us at Vaastu Mangaal. We have the leading vastuvid for all your vastu needs. Take your first step towards a better tomorrow by investing in your home vastu today.

You can reach out to us at our office for more information or one-on-one consultation with our expert vastuvid Pinaki Pal.

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